Just Another Day In Beijing


So we hear about this place called HouHai. We go there one night for a beer (Adam) and a cocktail (me). We find the stunning lake in the middle of this huge city surrounded by masses of flashy, bright and loud local’s favourite open-mic bars. Hundreds of them. You know, just bring your guitar, plug it in and sing your heart out; if you’re good of course. We pick one of them. No sign of tourists anywhere. Then a young very trendy kid comes in, sits down, plugs in his guitar and starts to sing. Everyone stops talking. We stay and listen to him for couple of hours. We start talking to his cool girlfriend who tells us he is one of the Chinese Idol runner up (erm, what?). We drink, chat, and having the best time. We make friends for life. We leave way later than thought. Next day we realise that we don’t have our GoPro. Fuck!

Aaaa what do we do? After throwing out all my clothes from my backpack and then across the room for an hour, I’m getting on the phone, Christine CAAAN YOOOUUU HEEELPPP??? (our ‘tip bragging’ but lovely tour guide from the day before). She calls the driver. Our driver speaks to another driver. Our hotel receptionist is on the phone too. Everyone is on the phone to someone. Half of Beijing is looking for the camera. Finally we check our Chinese-apps-pimped phones and discover our new best friends have been trying to contact us since last night. Yes, they have got it. We left it in the bar. Yay! Panic over.

So basically we shoot across the town in a taxi to pick up our GoPro, which is at the flat of The Chinese Idol, to make our Kung Fu show in the evening. Rush hour, masses of people (you know 21 million) come on, we can do it…


Zhao Xiao Hao






Red Theatre, Beijing

Red Theatre, Beijing

Red Theatre, Beijing


One thought on “Just Another Day In Beijing

  1. As a wise man once said (it may have been Confusius or maybe Homer Simpson) – D’oh!
    Lucky people, especially as if I’d found the camera, who knows what you may have had photos of………… πŸ™‚


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