Slavic Hospitality and a Viennese Stroll


Police at the Slovenia border fine me €165 for not having a Vignette on the windscreen. Yes! Me too! What the hell is a Vignette? Right? Instead of tolls on roads in Slovenia they have Vignettes which cost around €15 and I missed that in my pre-trip prep. Soooo annoying, as those that know me know I’m meticulous about these things. For anyone travelling in Europe, Austria and Czech Republic also use vignettes.

After swearing several times we drive through the beautiful little country – an entire population of around 2 million. Green fields and quaint little villages decorate the countryside on either side of the motorway and it really is a pleasant drive…

Pleasant, that is, until we are surrounded by trucks again. Sandwiched between 3 as an on-ramp joins the motorway I’m forced to break suddenly as a truck pulls into our lane without leaving me room. The truck behind then slams on its breaks before furiously roaring its horn. We decide it’s time to leave the motorways.

We get to our hotel (Gostisce Pod Orehi – guesthouse under the walnuts) late (again) and are met by our host Viktor who greets us with very tasty walnut liquour (for Mira), and plum spirit similar to grappa or schnapps (for me).

A fantastic home-cooked dinner turns into a drinking session of more spirits and local wine with Viktor as we discuss the escapades of the local exorcist, politics and the history of former Yugoslavia. It might sound heavy but it was great, just like 3 old friends catching up.

As stunning as Slovenia is we are on a tight schedule, and after a reviving early morning jacuzzi and sauna at the hotel we’re off again.

As we go for a night walk we are shocked to discover that Vienna stinks of urine. However, next day we quickly learn that somehow this doesn’t matter that much as the city is simply stunning and very vibrant! First we notice – Everyone here, and I mean EVERYONE looks amazing. Simply the best dressed people we’ve seen on the trip so far, in particular I was surprised how smart and polished the guys are here. And it’s easy to see why, with so many of the world’s top designer brands in one space, like the Kohlmarkt. The gorgeous streets are filled with famous coffee shops, restaurants, bars, galleries, the best museums, theatres and everything is surrounded by incredible architecture. Not too surprising given it’s important role in the history of Europe.

An incredible city with intricately detailed architecture from the Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance periods, mixed with 20th century innovations. Vienna has an intensely cool look and feel and it’s great to be amongst it all. We even stumbled upon another great car, this time old American classic. Sadly we only have time for a quick look around before we have to move on again, but we will most definitely be back for more Apfelstrudel.


It has to be top-down

Welcome to Slovenia

Na zdravje!

Stunning Slovenian countryside

St Stephan’s Cathedral

A throw back


Old and new

Hofburg Palace


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