City of Love


This time we decided to go for an apartment instead of a hotel or B&B. After ten days of cute, but let’s say cosy hotel rooms, it was great to have the entire flat to ourselves. On our way there we stopped at an Italian supermarket and did some real food shopping. Oh the joy of cooking a proper homemade aubergine pasta! A romantic candle lit dinner in our new Italian pad was perfect after our stormy intro to Italy.

People say you either love Venice or you don’t really care. It is such a unique place, nothing like any others you’ve seen before. If you’re into old, good romance, and I mean ‘I’m the king of the world’, ‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner’ or ‘you had me at Hello’ kind of romance, then, Venice is a place for you. But let’s face it – George put it truly back on the map again.

Incredible Venetian masks everywhere, the tiniest streets with the smallest, almost toy like, colourful brick houses, the best dressed Italian men and their women enjoying Aperol Spritz on every corner and typical Italian outdoor restaurants with all the sea food dishes set in a labyrinth of canals and gondolas; it feels like a massive movie set. Then you add: gorgeous Piazza San Marco, spectacular St.Mark’s Basilica, the iconic Doge’s Palace, or charming Rialto Bridge with classical music in the air played by piano quartets, you’ll either feel part of a Hollywood romance, or feel a bit sick.

We sit by the Rialto Bridge and having a mandatory pizza, wine and Limoncello. We chat to the waiters, one of them whats up me a picture of George Clooney on the gondola from few days ago. We all take a selfie with a selfie stick. Good times!

Before we leave we take a gondola night tour around the canals (it’s a must, right?), seeing Casanova’s home along the way. A bit disappointed our punter wasn’t singing O Sole Mio, but perhaps it’s cos we managed to get the tour half price. Who knows.

Either way, I’m adding Venice to my ever growing list of ‘that is a def long weekend trip’ places as we’re planning our next day drive through Slovenia. After all, I do need to come back to buy one of those fab Venetian masks!


View from The Bridge of Sighs

The iconic Venetian Masks

A proper Negroni, a signature Aperol Spritz and Arancini to die for!

View from Campanile Di San Marco

Romantic Piazza San Marco

A perfect wedding location

Stunning views all around

Make a wish 😉


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