High Society


“The idea of my life as a fairy tale is itself a fairy tale” as famously once said by the most fashionable woman in Hollywood.

I’m waking up in the most comfortable bed surrounded by loads of crisp white cushions, the bright sun is peeking through the heavy gold curtain, slowly filling out our huge suite revealing the stunning views of the richest shining yachts at the port and beautiful town in the background sitting on the lushest green hills complementing the famous azure blue of the French Riviera.
This IS a fairytale. And in that moment I do feel like Grace Kelly. Well, minus all the gorgeous dresses in my hotel wardrobe. I’m not letting this to ruin my mood, and we indulge in the biggest hotel breakfast (we ate all the pastries, I’m sure Grace wouldn’t do that!).

I want to do everything! You know like; shop like Grace Kelly, look stylish like Grace Kelly, marry a Prince on the hill like Grace Kelly… Instead, I need to settle for driving on the famous Formula One track… ok if I really need to ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love Monaco. I Really do. It screams money but it’s not pretentious, it’s picturesque but not cheesy, it’s quiet but not boring, and it’s clean but not sterile. And I do suddenly love all the fast cars. I don’t know anything about the cars. Like nothing.

We spend the whole day just walking around, enjoying the city and taking all the views possible.

Finally, after crying for about an hour we know, this is REALLY time to move on to our next destination and hit the scary Autostrade Del Fiori. We stick to the coast and drive up the hill to discover a glorious little gem (well, a huge massive hotel with infinity pool on the highest point of the Monaco hills) OMG the view. Is it even possible to get a view better than we already seen?We start chatting to an Australian businessman who’s just enjoy his cocktail on the roof balcony in his Gucci loafers as he travels with his mum. I’m jealous that this is his view every day here. He tells us that he is jealous of us travelling the world. He wished he could take a bit more time off from his busy work in earlier years and not focusing so much only on earning lots of money.
And I do remind myself that my life is a fairy tale as I take in this view for the last time.






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