The road to St. Tropez


Okay, so you’ve probably guessed by this point that we did actually survive our visit/ordeal to Armagnac. The whole thing had its charm and these trips are all character building, right?

Hit the road… Trucks, trucks, trucks, and a text message from Chris: “glad you guys are having a great time”… Well, at least we can count on the British forces to ensure our safety in time, Chris!

Anyway, we make it safely to St Tropez, after stopping by the Chateau des Bertrand vineyard on the way – and THAT is a the vineyard I was waiting for!

Now, we were both told about the road to Monaco by friends before the trip, but what about the road to St Tropez? This thing is incredible! A tight, winding road with some of the best views of hills and valleys as it takes you up and down through a nature reserve (Reserve Naturelle Nationale de la Plaine des Maures). This a must see if you’re in the south of France (Road D558).

When we arrive I’m blown away and finally starting to realise what the whole South of France fuss is all about. A beautiful port filled with super rich yachts sparkling on the deep turquoise-blue water of the famous Cote D’Azur. What a huge change compared to Armagnac, Annie Wilkes, and south west France; miles of never ending scary cornfields. South East is clearly the place to be for moi.

We stroll by the port as if we own this place and admiring all the yachts which took part in the famous Les Voiles of St Tropez Regatta 2014. Yes, I definitely want to stay here. Unfortunately we are not, but I’m super excited about our next stop, which is the world famous Cannes. If I’m really honest though, if you are in this part of the world and you are trying to plan your trip, from all the other incredible places on the south east coast, you actually could skip Cannes out (I can’t believe I’m sayng that). It is a cute town, famous for the prestigious film festival but, as we’re soon to discover, Cannes is only the beginning of our growing love for the famous French Riviera.

However you MUST, and I’m gonna say this again, you MUST stick to the coast for as long as you can and ignore the annoying Sat Nav telling you to go the shortest route – and that’s what we are doing on our way to Nice







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