Pintxos and Pensións


Ola amigos!

So… After witnessing the pitch black atlantic night on the ferry to Bilbao we land to face serpentine motorways and 2 near crashes with drivers clearly on very important missions.

The motorway to San Sebastián turns out to be breathtaking. The roads are beautifully smooth and the view of the oncoming Pyrenees with its pine covered hillsides is incredible. Day one and the standard has been set!

Jump forward an hour and its nighttime in San Sebastián. The Pyrenean vistas have gone, Mira is sat in the car in an underground car park, and I’m running frantically up and down San Martin (road) trying to find our Pensión. Finally, after asking half the population of San Sebastián for their help using a screen grab on my phone and “por favor?” we check in and I almost take Mira’s head off with a champagne cork. No matter, the contents of the bottle cure the stress.

San Sebastián is stunning, and day two brings a climb of the Napoleon Battlements up to the Rio-esque Jesus statue over looking the city where, quite simply we don’t want to come down from. Some tasty gelato softens the blow, and we’re ready to go…



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