¡Basque Country Preciosa!

After a few chaotic days (which felt like a week) we book a last minute country hotel, which is a bit of a gamble. But as we approach a picturesque Barrio Arkoll we know we’re for a big treat. At the end of another quite ‘fun’ serpentine drive, this time at night, up a steep forested hill, we discover a beautiful Spanish Casa and its cute owner waiting for us. I’m pretty sure I screamed a bit with excitement.
Our new Spanish best-friend suggested to visit a small old town famous for the Basque Gastronomy – the picturesque coastal village, Hondarribia, where we spent our evening. And if you’re ever around this area, YOU MUST visit Gran Sol, an award winning pintxos bar – famous for the best tapas, most probably in the whole Spain (try a sushi one, an anchovies with garlic and local dry wine …..) At that point I’m full, tipsy and happy 😉

Now, as we’re getting ready for our next 4h drive to Armagnac, a region in South West France famous for its great brandy, and saying goodbye to this beautiful part of Spain, I’m sitting here with my very strong coffee, admiring this gorgeous view thinking I can’t believe its only have been three days into our Euro road trip…

Adiós España


2 thoughts on “¡Basque Country Preciosa!

  1. So happy to hear that everything is going well. It all looks fabulous and I’m not in the least bit jealous as I sit in my huge bedroom at The Pear Tree Hotel, waiting to go down to dinner. ( my prize for winning the World Cup competition between Alan and myself). Look forward to hearing more of your adventure tomorrow. Lots of love to you both. X


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