Et voila


So… It’s my turn!

“Because you are terrified! … and still, I want to get into that boat with you.”

Persistence, and stress has paid off, I finally got Mira on the boat! After months of negotiation and blatant harassment on my part!

How does it feel to now be spending EVERY second together? Terrifying!
… And amazing, liberating and exhilarating! Tonight is incredible and I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Well, we have certainly travelled with the bare essentials, and with any luck we might be able to get the roof of the car down if we move 6 of the bags (Mira’s shoes 😉 ) onto the back seat.

Having had the typical last minute panics – 2 trips to the Vauxhall dealer – we finally made it to my grandparents last night and were extremely well fuelled before heading to Portsmouth this morning.

So this afternoon I’ve been getting to grips with my new toy… SONY a6000… and absolutely loving it! Lots of manual options though so if anyone has any tips they’d be hugely appreciated!

Now that we’ve waved goodbye to England and welcomed the French Atlantic Coast on our way to Bilbao, it’s time for a stiff drink!

Bonne nuit



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