How many shoes do I need?


First posts are weird. You are thinking for days what words to use to express exactly what you are trying to say. I started with ‘We are going to China!’, and then I thought, maybe it’s a bit too…. well, short.

I don’t want to bore you with all the heavy life stories and emotional words about finding ourselves through far away travels and self-discovery or quotes from ‘Eat Pray Love’.

But what I would say, is this: everything that happened in our lives recently got us to this exact moment. It feels oddly natural, at this precise moment in our lives, to give up our homes (well…still stunned I’m actually homeless in few days), take time off from our careers and get rid of all the junk which we’ve accumulated, and see what life really is about.

It’s taken us several weeks to get everything planned (SOO much planning!), get all the visas organised (oh, the stress!) BUT the excitement is now building fast that: ‘WE ARE GOING TO CHINA! (Well few more places too but that in the next post).

For now, thanks to our friends and families for all the support and help. I hope you won’t hate us for all the incredible pictures, and glossy videos (yep- we’ve got GoPros!) of us biking through beautiful rice fields of Guilin, or trekking Zhangjiajie Mountains (Avatar movie inspiration), or of our smug faces from the Great Wall of China. But we’ll do our best (and thanks to the super clever designing people from GoPro) to make you feel like you’re “over there” with us, touching the Terracotta Army yourself 🙂

So I guess, wish us luck! 5 days to go… (*Insert panicking/ screaming/ pulling hair out face here)!

And time to make the final tough decisions… how many pairs of stilettos should I take? Hold on, I’ve got only one backpack?? (*Insert completely devastated face here)!

See you for now xx



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